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A few months ago I could tell that my computer had seriously hit the skids. It would barely boot up, and I was constantly having to address different issues tied to the performance lagging. I was tired of being frustrated with my machine, so I started working hard to find a great place in the area who could help. I worked with a professional to get my computer back on track, and he even taught me how to avoid common issues that plagued machines like mine. Check out this blog for loads of information on improving your own computer and saving money.

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Etiquette Tips For Playing Online Chess Against A Real Opponent

One of the nice things about using chess software is that you can play against virtual opponents, and even select the skill level of your automated foe to suit your chess prowess. You can also connect to a server and compete against real opponents around the world, which can be an effective way to improve your aptitude. These games have a chat window next to the chess board, allowing you to converse with your opponent as you play. It can be fun to make friends in this manner, and you may even decide to add some opponents to a friends' list so that you can easily find them for future games. In order to create a good impression, however, here are some etiquette tips to follow.

Remember That Chess Comes First

Few things will annoy your chess opponents as quickly as acting as though chatting, rather than playing chess, is your first priority. Make a point of remembering that you're logged on to play chess, and try to keep your commentary to a minimum. This is especially true if your opponent doesn't seem interested in chatting too much. While occasional comments such as "Nice move" aren't apt to bother anyone, asking questions about where the person is, how he or she is doing, and other pleasantries may be annoying.

Don't Try To Multitask

It's often a habit to perform many things simultaneously when you're on the computer. You might be checking and writing emails while browsing social media and watching video clips, for example. Don't carry this habit into how you approach playing online chess. It's poor etiquette for your opponent to have to wait long stretches of time for you to make your move. And, if you're playing a timed game, you may end up running out of time before someone wins, simply because you're checking other tabs instead of being ready to move when your turn comes up.

Don't Quit When A Loss Is Inevitable

There can be times, especially if you're a novice, that you find your chess opponent thoroughly beating you. For example, if you lose your queen, both rooks, and a bishop early on, you may feel as though the likelihood of winning is small. Don't quit the game at this point; you should always play it out. It's very bad etiquette to quit because you don't think that you'll win, and many programs will penalize you with poor ratings that may make other players not wish to compete against you in the future.

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