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A few months ago I could tell that my computer had seriously hit the skids. It would barely boot up, and I was constantly having to address different issues tied to the performance lagging. I was tired of being frustrated with my machine, so I started working hard to find a great place in the area who could help. I worked with a professional to get my computer back on track, and he even taught me how to avoid common issues that plagued machines like mine. Check out this blog for loads of information on improving your own computer and saving money.

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Four Key Benefits of Utilizing Secure Internet-Hosted Desktop Solutions in Your Businesses

Nowadays, cloud computing has become a key IT business solution for multiple businesses in various industries. One of the most utilized cloud computing solutions is a secure internet-hosted desktop. A secure internet-hosted desktop is a cloud-based solution that enables a person/business to access a linked server or desktop(s) remotely through a secured virtual internet connection.

However, most businesses have yet to utilize secure internet-hosted desktop solutions because they are either skeptical or unaware of the tremendous benefits of such a solution. Thus, here are four undeniable benefits of utilizing a secure internet-hosted desktop solution in your business.

Easy Scalability of the Business

Scaling up the size of your business often involves renting or acquiring additional floor space for setting up additional desktops for your employees. The problem with this kind of business scaling is that the business must incur additional expenses for the additional floor space and purchase the new desktops.

However, by utilizing secure internet-hosted desktop solutions, you don't have to acquire additional floor space or purchase new desktops. Instead, all you have to do is connect your new employees to the business server/network through a secure internet-hosted desktop solution, and you are all set. Hence, secure internet-hosted desktop solutions provide an easy and affordable way of scaling your business without spending a lot of money.

Minimizing Your IT Expenditure

Renting a dedicated business server ranges between $100 to $200 per month, adding up to between $1200 and $2400 per year. Additionally, if you opt to purchase a server instead of renting it, it will cost you between $1000 and $3000, excluding the cost of software upgrades and maintenance.

However, setting up a cloud-based server that you can access via a secure internet-hosted desktop will cost you between $5 per month on the low end and up to about $40 per month on the high-end. Thus, you can greatly minimize your total yearly IT expenditure by a couple of thousand dollars by opting for secure internet-hosted desktop solutions instead of renting or buying a server.

Flexibility to Work Remotely 

One of the key benefits of secure internet-hosted desktop solutions is that they enable you to work from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. A secure internet-hosted desktop provides you with access to all your business's emails, documents, and files without being physically present at the office.

Thus, whether you are on vacation, sick leave, or out of town, you can still keep up with your business' operations remotely via a secure internet-hosted desktop.

Attracting Millennial Talent 

Some millennials are shying away from the idea of having to wake up and go to the office for work. As a result, many are demanding the option of working remotely from home or as a digital nomad when looking for employment.

Since most companies have adopted remote working as a strategy for attracting the most talented millennials, it would be best to adopt the same strategy to keep up with the competition. Thus, utilizing secure internet-hosted desktop solutions enables you to stand out among a sea of employers and attract millennial talent that prefers to work remotely.